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Computer Vision Syndrome &Specialty Lenses

Side Effects — Optometrist in Long Beach, CA
Headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, neck aches and back aches are just a few of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The poor ergonomics of traditional progressive lenses or bifocals can reduce your functionality and make your work day a lot less productive. Dr. DeCarlo's goal is to make you comfortable and functional for the tasks you typically do in your daily routine. Specializing in computer lenses like the SOLA ACCESS, ZEISS RD, HOYA TACT 60 and other specialty lenses you can be assured that when fit properly and into the right lens your daily routine will be a lot more comfortable, functional , productive and maybe just a little more pleasant.

Call the office of Michael P. DeCarlo to learn more about computer vision syndrome and what we can do to make you more comfortable and functional.