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Dr. DeCarlo will not be taking any appointments during any World Series game involving the Chicago Cubs.

Contact Lenses & Keratoconus Management

With such a wide variety of contact lenses available it can be confusing to know which lens is right for you. Dr. DeCarlo is an expert on lens modality, lens materials and how to best wear each type of lens. We can fit and dispense any lens that is available on the market and offer manufacturer rebates that usually lower your costs to below market prices.

Dr. DeCarlo is a certified dispenser and fitter for the SynergEyes hybrid lenses for Keratoconus or for anyone who wants more comfort out of there hard or rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

Dr. DeCarlo also fits multifocal lenses like Specialty Contact Lenses rigid gas permeable EZ Focal, Polyvue's soft HDX2 and other specialty lenses.